Healthcare is now the world’s largest industry—with a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector. The healthcare scenario in India facesongoing changes in consumer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands.


This calls for sustained efforts by the healthcare community to use knowledge in newer ways to drive insight driven, effective, efficient and affordable care.


It is in this setting where knowledge meets engagement with those who drive the fundamental shifts necessary to address issues on healthcare in India that Blue Pen Mediamakes its mark.


We, at Blue Pen Media host and facilitate platforms


that enable the thought leader to discuss matters of health with the private player, the non-profit operative and the policy maker. The deliberations, led by eminent thought leaders take a 360 degree perspective on the challenges that face the country in its drive to universal health


that disseminates knowledge of things healthcare, becomes a easy to access repository of informed thinking on health and provides a forum where the non-technical questioner finds his place in his quest for answers Headquartered in New Delhi and run by experts in both healthcare and media, Blue Pen Media addresses the significant health issues of the day through its online presence and via its periodic live events that the industry lends its ears to.


The three properties that further the discussion on health, owned by the Organization are:




India Health & Wellness Summit and Awards


India Health & Wellness Roundtable

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