This is an online health magazine for latest news and analysis on health and wellness, with a daily dose of fitness, beauty, nutrition, diet and weight loss tips.


It is the fastest growing health portal in the country and has gained a following for its credible and informative content and initiatives. It gets in the region of 10,000 hits per day from general public, patients, healthcare professionals and service providers.


Acknowledging that health is not just the absence of disease, it focuses on areas that are usually seen as peripheral to health such as relationships, stress management, sex and informed nutrition.


India Health & Wellness Summit and Awards


This annual event hosts an influentialcommunity of decision makers from the Industry, Government and thenon-profit-sector that:


deliberates answers to challenges viz-a-viz accessible, affordable andquality outcomes based healthcare in India


recognizes those who have made sterling efforts, in their respectivefields, towards making India a healthy​ nation.


The IHW Summit is the stage where advocates of multiple paths to solve India’s healthcare concerns and key opinion leaders of the industry come together and chart out or seek to apply course corrections to road maps to health in India. It is a milieu where the India story is told and a future story drafted by the finest minds in the healthcare sector.


The IHW Awards confers recognition on the country’s best healthcare providers, innovators, entrepreneurs, pioneers, philanthropists, brands and other inspirational healthcare stories.


Supported by the Government and the best of industry, this is a must attend event on the country’s healthcare calendar.


Please visit us at for more information.




India Health & Wellness Roundtable


A roundtable known for its informal and straight talk, this is a set of events that follow from and lead up to the India Health & Wellness Summit.


Dialoguing with some of the premier minds in the particular areas being debated, the IHW Roundtable has already made a name for itself  because of its wide angle take on issues and the razor sharp insights that connect the hitherto unconnected dots.


These Roundtables are conducted in partnership with Aequitas Consulting, a leading advocacy organization in public health work.

Attached is the report of the latest Roundtable held in February, 2015 on the Union Budget.


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